Prostate cancer like some other sickness displays particular signs that aid the recognition its existence. These signs are summed up in the acronyms LUTS which remains for ‘Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms’ which is classified into two, to be specific; Irritative symptoms and Obstruction symptoms. Irritative symptoms are because of the aggravation of the urethra by the cancerous prostate, and they include the following;

  1. INCREASED URINARY FREQUENCY; this connotes increase in the number of times a person urinate per period regardless of weather changes or increased fluid intake.
  2. URGE INCONTINENCE; this is the untimely delivery of urine from the penis. A person has the urge to urinate but is not able to contain it before he gets to the restroom.
  3. NOCTURIA; this is similar to increased urinary frequency but is peculiar to night time. The person might even start bedwetting in a worst-case
  4. PAIN DURING MICTURITION; this is when a person begins to feel pain when urinating.

All the above listed are the irritative symptoms (or storage or filling symptoms) of prostate cancer. Reduce your risk of having prostate cancer today, check out these amazing ladies at Colombian escorts and Washington DC Escorts.

The second division of LUTS is the obstructive symptoms, and they include;

  1. HESITANCY; the cancerous cells can obstruct the normal flow of urine thereby causing the victim to experience a delay before urinating.
  2. POOR STREAM; a guy has the natural ability to regulate the flow of his urine when urinating, unlike our female counterpart. He can either choose to go low or high. This flow is referred to as the stream of the urine. However, prostate cancer can affect the stream. The stream becomes poor or very low and every effort to improve it becomes futile.
  3. OVERFLOW INCONTINENCE; this means until a person starts dribbling out, he is unaware of the fact that his bladder is full. This is usually due to the cancerous cells affecting the nerves that innervate the bladder.

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